Celebrate the International Translation Day with the largest translator's forum in the world, ProZ.com. If haven't done it yet, register at Proz so you can attend several translation events ...


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Here are two great online magazines on Translation: ProZ and TAUS.  Two landmarks in the Translation world. They're both available online and for free at Paper.li - a website designed for iPad and Android.

Translating offshore drilling documentation can be a tough job for portuguese translators.

It's an industry that practically doesn't exist in Portugal. But here's a hint: Oil companies are strongly present in South America and Angola, those are good places to start researching. It's also common for Brazilian Portuguese offshore drilling companies to use english terminology, although some portuguese terminology is finally starting to get popular among industry leading companies.

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My favorite translation forum ProZ.com is having its annual international conference in Porto.

It's happening this weekend at Hotel Ipanema, Porto.


Watch the LiveStream or follow the best daily tweets .

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